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What to say when someone says "What's the problem?" 
What you can do to solve the problem of unrepresentative radio. 


LPRS Discussion
Read here how corruption and prejudices can destroy this opportunity if we don't act!
Contact Your Congressperson and Senator to show support for democratic radio; Radio For The Rest Of Us!!
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Don't Take OUR word for it ...

(Links for more information from others on the sorry state of radio in the USA)

NOTE:] This is an extensive site, a kind of booklet that is best absorbed a bit at a time. This site is most effective if you skim the site, write or call your Congressman/Senator for support. Then read through here to get a better idea of what is going on and call back periodically to remind your Senator/Congressman of the finer points in your favor.
This site is intended to be as comprehensive a resource on the subject of community-oriented radio as reasonably possible.

This is a compendium of every known link that has information of use regarding our democratic right to be heard by those who's votes effect our lives:
Radio For All website ... button refers to idea that the National Association of Broadcasters has NABbed the public resource for private gain
Federale Communication Commission  ... some say For Corporate Concentration ... you decide Newseum story following a demonstration by Microbroadcasters that day
Public Radio in the United States: Does It Correct Market Failure or Cannibalize Commercial Stations?
Mother Jones
Paper Tiger TV ... Smashing the myths of the information industry ...
CDC: Legal Thinking ...
Essay featuring FCC's Chair, Kennard talking up radio access

(RM-9242) Proposal to the FCC (tech discussion)

GREAT article on the corporate socialist protectionism of the Big Boy Broadcasters

CDT .... Privacy and communications issues (go to Links)
  • American's for Radio Diversity
  • TV for people who know better
  • ... music news etc ... great story on Low Power Radio Service
  • Freedom Forum, go to search and type Microradio
  • Benton Foundation: Communications In The Public Interest


  • Excellent discussions held here.

    "One of the intentions of corporate-controlled media is to instill in people a sense of disempowerment, of immobilization and paralysis. Its outcome is to turn you into good consumers. It is to keep people isolated, to feel that there is no possibility for social change." 
    -- David Barsamian 

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    WBAI ... The Unfortunate History of Radio
    The Unfortunate History Of Radio ...

    And "now, for something completely different"
    (from the mainstream media):
    You may find yourself wondering either:

    In the February 1997 American Demographics article "The Emerging Culture",  Paul H. Ray argues that one of the reasons that media in general and especially radio ignores so many Americans is that those who make the programming decisions are either ignorant of the desires and needs of them, or downright antagonistic. Those who make the programming decisions for the media that most Americans recieve are ignorant or antagonistic to the values and interests of those Americans classified by research as "Cultural Creatives."

    "Despite their numbers , Cultural Creatives tend to believe that few people share their values. This is partly because their views are  rarely represented in the mainstream media, which is mostly owned and operated according to the Modern world view.  Little of what they read gives them any evidence of their huge numbers."

    "It's not too far off to say that Moderns see the world through the same filters as Time magazine."

    "A major change has been growing in American culture. It is a comprehensive shift in values, world views, and ways of life. It appeals to nearly one-fourth of American adults, or 44 million persons.
    People who follow this new path are on the leading edge of several kinds of cultural change. They are interested in new kinds of products and services, and they often respond to advertising and marketing in unexpected ways.

    This emerging group has been labeled Cultural Creatives by American LIVES of San Francisco. In numerous surveys and focus groups, we have seen that Americans live in three different worlds of meaning and valuing. Each world creates distinctive contexts for a wide array of consumer purchases, political convictions, and civic behavior. And within each world are class divisions that create different subgroups that share the same broader views.

    The first world view is Traditionalism. It is the belief system for about 29 percent of Americans (56 million adults) who might also be called Heartlanders. In America, traditionalism often takes the form of country folks rebelling against big-city slickers. Heartlanders believe in a nostalgic image of small towns and strong churches that defines the Good Old American Ways. That image may owe as much to John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart movies as to any historical reality, but for them it is a powerful reminder of how things ought to be.

    The second world view is Modernism. It holds sway over about 47 percent of Americans, or 88 million adults. Modernism emerged 450 years ago as the governing world view of the urban merchant classes and other creators of the modern economy. It defines modern politicians, military leaders, scientists, and intellectuals. Modernists place high value on personal success, consumerism, materialism, and technological rationality. It's not too far off to say that Moderns see the world through the same filters as Time magazine.

    The third and newest world view goes beyond Modernism. Its current adherents are the Cultural Creatives, who claim 24 percent of U.S. adults (44 million). Trans-Modernism began with esoteric spiritual movements such as 19th-century American Transcendentalism. It gained strength as Western intellectuals discovered the diversity and coherence of other religions and philosophies. It caught fire in the 1960s, as millions of young people joined "movements" for human potential, civil rights, peace, jobs, social justice, ecology, and equal rights for women.

    Conservative commentators often believe that each of the social movements listed above exists in isolation and is important only to a few. But from women's issues to environmentalism, the emblematic values of the 1960s are being embraced by more and more Americans. Few in the media recognize it, but these ideas are coalescing into a new and coherent world view. When Cultural Creatives look at Modernism, they see an antique system that is noisily shaking itself to pieces."

    The majority of radio programming decisions are carried out by Modernist oriented stockholder corporate beancounters, or by the Heartlanders that populate the Christian Coalition etc. etc. The Modernists and Heartlanders are either uninterested in serving the Cultural Creative market, or outright hostile.
    Patrick Buchanan was often referring to Cultural Creatives when he said that America was "in a cultural war."

    Ironically, much of Buchanan's distaste for NAFTA and GATT's corporate takeover of the world's resources finds a sympathetic audience in Cultural Creatives.
    Either way, there is little programming to cover the convergence of these cultures.

    This is the source of the discomfort with the condition of American Radio today.

    WebActive ... progressive media (usually left out of stories on Internet content providers)
    (Notice that in most mainstream news stories about news and cultural content available on the Internet [especially discussions of audio content available on the Internet] is typically omitted from the discussion, as is and even!)
    Utne Reader, the Reader's Digest for freethinkers
  • Special Effects; The silver screen's most convincing illusion may be its warped portrait of real life 
  • Age of the Mega Alternatives 
  • Media Maverick, Stephen Dunifer; One Watt Wonder 
  • The Incredible Shrinking Liberal Media: How Washington's "Pinko Commie" Journalists really vote 
  • What's so great about public TV? 
  • Utne Reader Online: All the News not fit to print 
  • CovertAction Quarterly: ABC Hatchet Job on Mumia 





    NONE of the organizations on this page have anything to do with the creation, existence or promotion of this page. They are listed here for your education only.
    "Does Public Radio Compete With Commercial Radio?"
    Yes it does especially with such commercially viable products like Classical Music.
    Click here for more information, tabular research demonstrating that commercial classical is fiscally viable, and therefore classical music is a violation of the purpose for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
    Ethyl is the pied piper for Richmond Virginia "public" radio:

    Here is a rundown of any and all links likely to have quality information for those interested in the issue of our right to communicate with those whose votes affect our lives:
    This is a fairly comprehensive list, however, if you feel there are links that have important information to pass on on this issue, please let us know.

  • Radio Mutiny (good run-down the situation)
  • Rebel Radio
  • FoxBGHsuit
  • Click on Hightower, then the commentary then archives...
  • San Francisco Liberation Radio
  • Radio Mutiny
  • Pirate Radio Network
  • Free Radio Network
  • Mid-Atlantic Infoshop
  • Micro Kind Radio, San Marcos TX
  • Radio 4 All - Spotlight on NAB
  • Free Radio Berkeley
  • Free Radio Press: formerly Radio Resistor's Bulletin
  • Program: The Food Not Bombs Radio Network
  • Black Liberation Radio
  • Paper Tiger Television
  • Legal stations cause more trouble for aircraft than pirate radio ... (scroll down)
  • Microstation Broadcasting: The Long-Overdue Service
  • Micro-power Radio News
  • The Microradio Bust Response Network --Fight Back!
  • Radio Listenership at All-Time-Low (In spite of more stations than ever!)
  • FCC Commissioner Gloria Tristani's Homepage_
  • __Check Out "Keeping the Local in Local Radio"+"Speech before FCC Bar Association"
  • FCC Showdown
  • National Microbroadcaster Demo
  • "Ironically although they are major consumers of news ...[though they are 25% of the

  • population] ... they feel isolated because the media does not acknowledge them..."
  • Comments of Media Preservation Foundation
  • Opposition by National Public Radio to diversity in Radio Licensing
  • Comments of the NC Association of Broadcasters and the VA Association of Broadcasters

  • Media Access Project Website
  • U.S. Telecommunications Bill
  • U.S. Telecommunications Bill
  • The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation: Media Programs
  • The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation: Media Programs
  • Welcome to Americans for Radio Diversity
  • 87X
  • The Free Radio Network
  • Dark Alliance: The Story Behind the Crack Explosion
  • The A-Infos Radio Project
  • Radio Free Allston
  • Alternative Radio
  • Making Contact Home Page
  • Grassroots News Network
  • Radio For Peace International
  • The Consortium
  • Radio Free Conscience
  • Arm The Spirit - For Revolutionary Resistance!
  • Law Offices at 368 Hayes Street
  • KFJC 89.7FM information
  • Free Speech Internet Television
  • New Page 2
  • Welcome to Relativity's Web Page. Queen Anne Hill, Seattle
  • The MoJo Wire--Interactive Exposés and Politics
  • The Year 2000 Information Center - Year 2000 Press Clippings
  • Center For Media Education Home
  • Northern Light Search: RM-9242
  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Home Page
  • FCC Cracks Down on Pirate Radio
  • GoTo Search Results: rm-9242
  • Low Power FM
  • MMWC
  • The LPFM Grapevine
  • Welcome To Lake County Radio
  • REC's 82-88 MHz Petition to the FCC
  • The LPFM Grapevine
  • - Dead air comes to you courtesy of the FCC
  • Beat Radio Network
  • ARD News
  • Community Radio Coalition Radio For the rest of us

  •         (NOTE: NOT affiliated with Radio 4 "The Rest Of U.S." in any way)
  • Radio (LPFM)
  • LPFM Comments
  • Pirate/Free Radio - Welcome from The Mining Co.
  • Free Radio Press: formerly Radio Resistor's Bulletin
  • Interest Groups Funneling Big Money Into Political Ads
  • Microradio Links from the Anarchist's Workshop


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