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Why Doesn't the "Almighty Market" serve everyone?
Because that group is not regarded as profitable to serve ... or
Because those who might serve that group do not think that group worth serving ...

Let's face it, human nature is to try to get something for nothing. 

  "People of the same trade seldom meet together, 
even for merriment and diversion, 
but the conversation ends 
in a conspiracy 
against the public, 
or in some contrivance to raise prices."
National Association of Broadcasters -- most powerful lobby in America
Many assume that "the free market" produces shows

for all the news/views and cultures worth programming for.

If your culture and views aren't aired, you're not worth listening to.

Not so:

In the February 1997 American Demographics article "The Emerging Culture",  

Paul H. Ray argues that one of the reasons that media ignores so many Americans is that 
those who make the programming decisions don't care about or care for our news/views values and culture.

Do you find yourself both "liberal" and "conservative ... or reject this binary choice as worthless?

This research has found three major groupings of values in America; 
the two that are commonly thought of as "liberal" and "conservative" ... 

and a third emerging culture referred to as "Cultural Creatives" that combine aspects of both.

"Cultural Creatives" are generally well educated, 
well paid and 
hungry for news and culture ... 
yet we have very few radio or TV programs designed for us  ... because we are not making the programming decisions.

Chart of new emerging culture
Click on chart to see it full-sized. 
Click here for the full story.
"Despite their numbers [24% of the U.S. population] , Cultural Creatives tend to believe that few people share their values. This is partly because their views are rarely represented in the mainstream media, which is mostly owned and operated according to the Modern world view.  Little of what they read gives them any evidence of their huge numbers." 

"It's not too far off to say that Moderns see the world through the same filters as Time magazine."

Paul H. Ray...

Who is making the decisions for you?

Peter Phillips, Director of Project Censored pointed out,
"... eleven major corporations
with 157 people sitting on the boards of directors
own almost all media ...

those 157 people are corporate America ..."

These are the same 157 people that control most 
of what we see and hear

These 157 people also control 14% 
of all corporations in America,
not just media corporations.

In other words, the media watchdogs are actually the lapdogs of the burglars at whom they are supposed to bark.

Mergers allowed by the 1996 Telecom Act 

have brought U.S. close to a monopoly disaster ... 

There is no competition to speak of 

And the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) plans to ensure that it stays that way at your expense!

Radio is more than just a business.

Radio is "... the lifeblood of a Free Society",
Newt Gingrich, 1994

Our Democratic Republic depends on a careful balance of power 
and an effective “free press” 

that is neither overly influenced 
by government or private influence.

Media is the feedback loop 
between those who make policy 
and those who suffer from policy.

You have the right to matter
for your stories, 
your interests 
and inspirations 
to be heard by those 
who's votes affect your life and freedom.

It does not matter whether those votes are 
fellow citizens, 

boards of directors of corporations, 
bureaucrats or 
Congresspersons and Senators.
All these votes affect your life.

America will only function with justice 
so long as the media 
includes the broadest 
possible spectrum of the people.

  • Since the broadcasters use 
    our tax money supported agencies 
    (Federal Communication Commission) 
    to protect their use 
    of our public resources 
    (the airwaves) ...
  • a radio dial that 
    misrepresents and/or 
    deletes entire cultures, 
    views and 
    music ...

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